Sustainable Aquaculture Solutions

Sustainable Aquaculture Solutions

In a world with increasing limited natural sources and a growing population, SAS is playing a role in raising more awareness, developing innovative concepts and supplying the most effective solutions for a sustainable development of the aquaculture sector.


Activities include; 

  • Aquaculture Health Management (fish and shrimp)

  • Audits & Pre-audit Guidance (GlobalGAP/ASC Farm)

  • Market Research, Business Plans, R&D

  • Project Management, Sustainability Studies

  • Training & Education 


Dr. Ir. Karin van de Braak
Sustainable Aquaculture Solutions

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  • About


    Sustainable Aquaculture Solutions (SAS) is established by Karin van de Braak in 2005.

    Karin holds a Masters degree in Aquaculture Health and a Doctors degree in Shrimp Immunity and Disease Prevention, both from Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Afterwards she was responsible for Aquaculture Health Management and Business Development in Asia.

    With a reputation for passion, creativity and integrity, SAS supports sustainable development of the aquaculture sector worldwide.

    Consultancy, research, training and advisory work is mainly carried out in Europe and Asia, but also in Africa and South America.

  • Objectives

    • To support world food supply by sustainable development of the aquaculture sector

    • To increase production quantity and improve product quality for the first chain actors with special focus on aquatic animal health and welfare

    • To support responsible seafood supply by implementation and assessment of eco-labelling and transparency

    • To fulfil meaningful role in projects that contribute to a sustainable future with a healthy environment and better social equity

    • To deliver high quality work, develop customized solutions and create a long-term relation with my clients

  • Aquaculture Health Management

    Aquaculture Health Management

    For fish and shrimp in hatchery and grow-out

    Successful health management starts with disease prevention and must cover animal husbandry and environmental management. SAS delivers technical support on health, welfare and sustainability related issues for the aquaculture sector.

    Clients include; farmers, international organisations, all-level governmental organisations, NGO’s and aquaculture-related businesses.

    Activities include;

    • Health monitoring, disease diagnosis and sustainable intervention advice 
    • Feed and feeding management, water quality monitoring, record keeping and analysis
    • Risk assessment and development of a Veterinary Health Plan (VHP)
    • Disease surveillance and contingency programmes
    • Larval developmental biology and monitoring programmes
    • Live feed production, first feeding 
    • Broodstock management, reproduction, cryopreservation

    An effective health management programme must cover all levels of aquaculture activities, from the production unit (pond, tank, cage, etc.), farm, district/local or zone levels, to the regional, national and international level. The success of such a broad-ranging programme relies on the constant open communication and information exchange flowing in all directions. Therefore, SAS also provide disease surveillance services and aquatic animal health management on National level.

  • Audits & Pre-audit Guidance

    Audits & Pre-audit Guidance

    The implementation of proper farming and post-harvest practices will result in improved product quality, enhancing market access and product value.

    SAS supports aquaculture operators in all aspects of product quality and food safety. SAS also provides solutions for product integrity, transparency and traceability throughout the seafood supply chains.

    Activities include;

    Onsite evaluation of fish and shrimp producer performance

    • Supplier Assessment
    • Seafood Sourcing Policy

    Lead auditor for 3rth party Certification Bodies for the following standards; 

    • GlobalGAP Aquaculture (all species)
    • GlobalGAP Compound Feed Manufacturing (CFM)
    • Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)
    • Chain of Custody for Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), ASC, GlobalGAP

    Pre-audit guidance on Sustainability and Standards

    • Best Aquaculture Practices and Quality Management
    • Organic Standards and Fair Trade
    • Circular/Blue Economy, Cradle to Cradle (C2C)
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR, MVO in Dutch)
    • Food Safety and Traceability in the Fisheries Supply Chain
  • Project Management and Sustainability Studies

    Project Management and Sustainability Studies

    SAS gives advice on sustainable development for the aquaculture sector and the related supply chains, from farm level towards National Governance level.

    Activities include;

    • Strategic guidance on sustainable development of aquaculture operations 
    • Policy advice and guidance for aquaculture sector development
    • Project acquisition, management and technical and financial reporting
  • Training & Education

    Training & Education

    Development of courses and teaching materials; training in the field of

    • Sustainable Development of World Aquaculture Production
    • Aquatic Animal Health and Welfare Management
    • Eco-labelling in the Fisheries Supply Chain 
    • Sustainable Entrepreneurial Development 
    • Awareness Creation and Critical Thinking
    • How to feed the World in 2050
  • Market Research, Business Plans, R&D

    Market Research, Business Plans, R&D

    SAS gives advice on sustainable development for the aquaculture sector and the related supply chains, from farm level towards National Governance level.

    Activities include;

    • Sustainability assessment and improvement advice 
    • Research & Development
      • Supervision, coordination, analyses and reporting; (scientific) literature studies; used techniques of microbiology, histopathology, immuno-histochemistry, immunology, virology, cell biology
  • Benchmark study in the Dutch Pike-perch sector

    Benchmark study in the Dutch Pike-perch sector

    Project Leader and Health Management for the whole Dutch pike-perch sector. Responsibilities include; project management, quality and scientific level of the project, budget and reporting. Besides the Dutch pike-perch sector close cooperation is achieved with ACE for system design and with Good Fish Foundation (GFF)/North Sea Foundation as NGO’s for the sustainability part of the project. Specific responsibility for implementation for the AquaManager database at the fish farms and on fish farm comparison on health-and welfare related issues.

    Title: Production, Health and Welfare Improvement in the Dutch Pike-perch sector

    Europees Visserijfonds, investering in duurzame visserij / European Fisshery Fund, Investments in sustainable fisheries

  • Capacity Building on IWRM and Aquaculture for Nuffic and Q-Point, Kenya

    Capacity Building on IWRM and Aquaculture for Nuffic and Q-Point, Kenya

    Nuffic/NICHE (Netherlands Initiative for capacity development in Higher Education) Program on Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) and Aquaculture for South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). The project aims at contributing to Food Security and Economic Growth in Kenya through the provision of qualified professionals for the market in the areas of IWRM and Aquaculture.

    This project is carried out under the management of Q-Point and in close cooperation with Ghent University and the University of Delft. Besides input on curriculum development and discussions on the Strategic Plan of the School of Water of SEKU, SAS is responsible for the Business Plan and start of the project on the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in this field. In this Project, SAS is especially concerned on the sustainable development of this fragile environment.

    Project title: Capacity building to deliver competent human resources in integrated water resource management and aquaculture for equitable and sustainable livelihoods in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid lands and beyond.

  • Disease Surveillance for FAO in Suriname

    Disease Surveillance for FAO in Suriname

    International Consultant for FAO Technical Cooperation Project ‘Strengthening Aquatic Animal Health Protection Systems in Suriname’ TCP/SUR/3401. The aim of the project was to strengthen competencies of national authorities in Suriname to implement effective aquatic animal health protection systems. A National Strategy for Aquatic Animal Health (AAH) Management in Suriname was approved.

    In this project SAS was responsible for the development and implementation of the Surveillance System for Aquatic Animal pathogens/diseases and the Aquatic Animal Health Information System.

    Titles of product outcomes by SAS:

    • National Aquatic Pathogen List and Monitoring Program for the Republic of Suriname
    • The National Aquatic Animal Health Surveillance and Disease Control System in Suriname
    • Development and Implementation of an Aquatic Animal Health Reporting and Information System in Suriname
  • Ekofish Group

    Ekofish Group

    Project proposal and acquisition for Ekofish Group. The Project objective is a feasibility study to the opportunities for multiple use of space of the wind farms at the North Sea. This project is commissioned by the Fisheries Sector 2.0. Special effort is put on environmental sustainability, Cradle to Cradle (C2C), Circular and Blue Economy. Close cooperation with NGO’s and different Universities for the Technical, Biological and Economical feasibility of this long-term project.

    SAS is responsible for Project Application and Project Management and is watching over the sustainability part and out-of-the-box thinking for long-term future possibilities.

    Title: Vissen met Zeewind (Fishing with Sea Wind)

  • Training & Education

    Training & Education


    • (University) lecturer

    • Onsite presentations and instructions

    • Awareness creation

    • Capacity building

    • Tailor made guidance

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The strength of SAS is the open attitude, always looking for improvements and opportunities for win-win situations. SAS is a member of Dutch Aquaculture Experts. DAE is a group of highly qualified Dutch companies, all with their specific expertise. The established network allows us to offer a wide range of services by collaboration with other experts in the field. In this way we can deliver the best aquaculture products and services that the Netherlands has to offer.

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